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Tekirdağ Roma Festival Organised

Tekirdağ Roma Festival Organised

Author: SuperUser Account/Thursday, June 08, 2017/Categories: WYG Türkiye

“Tekirdağ International Roma Day Festival”, organised under SİROMA, took place on May 6, 2017.  Mr. Mehmet Ceylan, Governor of Tekirdağ, Mr. Arslan Yurt, Süleymanpaşa District Governor, Mr. Hasan Yılmaz, Tekirdağ Province Director of Family and Social Policies, representatives of various NGOs and citizens participated in the event.

Members of Roma associations gathering in front of Süleymanpaşa Tekira AVM played Roma songs and danced and they marched along Hürriyet Street. After the march ending at Tuğlalı Park, Mr. Mehmet Ceylan, Governor of Tekirdağ, addressed Roma people and stated that “We exist for you. We work on the problems and needs of Roma people especially living in Tekirdağ. Today we will organise this event to celebrate Hıdrellez as well”. Mr. Hasan Yılmaz, Tekirdağ Province Director of Family and Social Policies, indicated that “SİROMA is a protocol implemented in 12 provinces and signed between the Republic of Turkey and European Union. It aims to reduce social risk at densely Roma populated areas. It is a project foreseeing the adoption of measures regarding employment, housing, education and health. All activities are carried out successfully in Tekirdağ. I can say that some of the snacks to be offered during the event have been prepared by participants of cooking course initiated under SİROMA”. During the festival, photographs awarded under the scope of SİROMA Photo Contest were exhibited. There was high interest in workshops targeting children.


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